Back-to-School season is a big deal for retail, with a total combined spending making it one of the most profitable times of the year. Before millions of students and parents get ready for school, it doesn't hurt to see whether you're leveraging your practice to make the grade.

How have Back-To-School promotions worked out for you in the past? Were you boosting sales, but sacrificed margins?

Interstate Optical in collaboration with PROGEAR has developed what we believe to be the most flexible Back-To-School program.

This SUPER deal will allow you to determine your own promotion discount without sacrificing profit margins. It's so flexible that you can bundle it with any frame off your frame board by simply asking your patient “Do you play sports”. When joining PROGEAR’s Back-To-School campaign, you will receive the counter card with this promotion, which gives you full control of what the sales price will be by marking your price for the frame with lenses in the price windows.
  Interstate Optical offers PROGEAR Eyeguard “frame and lens” packages starting at $69.95 or $34.98 when ordered as a second pair which gives you a great way to offer discounts to your patient for multiple frame purchases without sacrificing profit margins. This second sale opportunity can simply be made by opening a dialog with your patient by asking “Do you Play Sports”.  

As part of this promotion, Interstate Optical is also offering FREE Bluetooth Earbuds (A $49.95 Value) when your patient purchases premium lens upgrades. Another upselling opportunity for you!

How does this Earbud Promotion work?

Example 1.

Patient purchases a PROGEAR Eyeguard with Premium Lens Upgrade outlined in the counter card and your patient will receive their FREE Bluetooth Earbuds (A $49.95 Value).

Example 2.

Patient purchases any frame off your frame board with Premium Lens Upgrade outlined in the promotional counter card and purchase a PROGEAR Eyeguard as a second pair and your patient will receive their FREE Bluetooth Earbuds (A $49.95 Value).  The PROGEAR Eyeguard does not need to be purchased with Premium Lens Upgrade in this case.